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Carbon Efficiency & Offsetting

Our carbon reduction feature will allow you to improve your driving behaviour by optimising routes and suggesting possible driving solutions to reduce your vehicle’s CO2 emissions by up to 40%. You can now enjoy your journey knowing you have used the best possible method to help save the environment which will be also certified via an approved and verified certificate.


Our SOS feature provides you with an instant solution in emergency situations. An SMS, email or call can be triggered to your loved ones and the emergency services when you have had an accident. It will instantly provide them with your geo location and incident time. This feature provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind and can also save lives.

APP iOS & Android

Easy access to the iVMS platform with our app available on both Google Play and App store.

Vehicle Health

Whether you are a fleet vehicle company or a single driver, you can take control of what is wrong with your vehicle and what needs to be resolved remotely in real time.

Vehicle Information

Our portal will allow you to keep up to date with your vehicle information and you can also incorporate a checklist that drivers can use to complete a daily task list.

Driver Behaviour

Gain valuable insights into driving behaviour and vehicle usage patterns via our app, email, web portal or a format convenient to you. 

Our Driver Behaviour analysis and solutions are proven to cut vehicle maintenance costs by around 40%.  You can also negotiate lower insurance premiums by an estimated 40% as a result of a decrease in your at-fault accident risk rate.

Real Time Technology

iVMS doesn’t deal with guess estimates, we can show you exactly where your vehicle is located, where it has been and where it is scheduled to go with our pinpoint GPS service.  This allows you to track and use an online mapping tool all in real time.  You will also have the capability of using graphs and bar charts to track information instantly.

Route Planner & Optimisation

Our route optimisation service uses advanced technology to deliver transformative improvements in both strategic and real-time dynamic daily planning. This can help productivity up to a staggering estimated 33% allowing your business to run more efficiently by simply adding a series of addresses or postal codes to a drivers task log. The system will map out the most optimised route for the full day’s activities.


Electronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPD) removes the hassle of paper based reporting and waste. It can provide the customer and driver with instant reporting and evidence. As a result your accounts and tracking process will become seamless and will also boost your customer service.

Management Dashboard

Every company has different job roles and assigned permissions. Share responsibility across team members and achieve your ideal fleet maintenance workflow with our software. It can provide your company the ability to collaborate on fleet operations with unlimited users, flexible permissions and features built around your company’s protocol. Allowing you to organise vehicles into multiple groups e.g. all vehicles, all plant, assets by department or even by vehicle type.

Vehicle Inventory

Keep all your records in one place with an inventory checklist in our inventory record portfolio. This can also be viewed by the driver so everyone is aware of what is required for vehicle parts and maintenance etc.

Fleet Maintenance

Manage any fleet-related tasks remotely or surface critical data anytime, anywhere with our fleet management dashboard. All your vehicle and driver information will be centralised in one place.

You will never miss an MOT, service, licence check or vehicle safety inspection again. You will gain valuable insights backed by data science to make better decisions for your company helping you to reduce and control costs increasing your companies profits.

Don’t let paper processes slow you down as our app will allow drivers to upload and manage information too.

Vehicle Faults (DTC)

We can detect a variety of DTC error codes on your vehicle. Whether you are managing a fleet of vehicles or are a single use driver, we can update you on what is wrong with your vehicle in real time, so that you can accurately plan your schedule without any sudden mis-haps. An additional great cost saving feature of viewing DTC error codes is that you are aware of what is wrong with your vehicle, so you can arrange a mechanic that is suitable for you at a price that is friendly for your budget without being over billed by mechanics for work that is not required. iVMS can also provide support to many vehicles with the ability to clear the engine fault codes on the dashboard, making trips to the mechanic minimal and cost saving.

Alarms and Alerts

The following alarms and alerts will take place informing you of any issues with the vehicle and/or driver. These can be set to priority or selected as notifications that you would like to appear.

  • Automatic DTC Detection
  • Quantity of Co2 Emissions emitted
  • Hard Brakes
  • Hard Accelerations
  • Excessive Idling detection
  • Instant Lane Changes
  • Sharp Turns
  • Geofencing
  • Device Unplug Detection
  • Different Vehicle Detection
  • Incomplete “Destination Job” at X-Address
  • Completed “Destination Job” at X-Address
  • X-Driver/Vehicle Departed from the Office premises
  • X-Driver/Vehicle Reached at X-Address (Destination)
  • X-Driver/Vehicle Arrived back to Office premises
  • X-Driver/Vehicle Stuck in Traffic
  • Vehicle Broke Down – sending.
    Alert/Alarm along with X-Number of pictures (as evidence) to Manager
  • X-Vehicle’s General Inspection Due in X-Days or in X-Milage (start prompting, X-Days or X-Mileage before)
  • X-Vehicle’s Check for Co2 Eco Emission Test Due in X-Days or in X-Milage (start prompting, X-Days or X-Mileage before)
  • X-Vehicle’s Service Maintenance Due in
  • X-Days or in X-Milage (start prompting,
  • X-Days or X-Mileage before)
  • X-Vehicle’s MOT Renewal Due in X-Days or in X-Milage (start prompting, X-Days or X-Mileage before)
  • X-Vehicle’s Insurance Renewal Due in X-Days or in X-Milage (start prompting, X-Days or X-Mileage before)
  • X-Driver’s License Renewal Reminder (start prompting, X-Days before)
  • Off route or schedule detection
  • Route Event playback screen
  • Towing Detection
  • Coolant High Temperature detection
  • Battery low voltage detection
  • Mileage Limit
  • Out of office vehicle usage
VIN Detection

Vehicle Identification Number is your vehicle’s identity. People usually are unaware of where it is placed in their vehicle. Our automatic detection system can assist you with our VIN detection service and display information on your app.

Settings and Administration

Whichever country you are in or method you prefer, you have the flexibility to choose your measuring unit, whether it is kilometers or miles, fahrenheit or centigrade we cater for all.

If you decide to change your vehicle, you can instantly reset the settings using the integrated form online. So no long chat services or calls on hold, the decision and permissions are all in your company’s hands.

Online Mapping

Our online mapping services include planning trips, pinpoint your geo location, find landmarks, local services i.e. garages and tyre shops etc and also locate traffic with the best optimised routes.

Drivers’ Rating

Appreciation of colleagues is key to a successful business. We can provide a driver scoring system based on the parameters you choose so you know how well and compliant each driver is, allowing you to acknowledge and reward them as per your company policy.


Customised reports the way you want them and when you want them. Automated reports can also be scheduled, as well as backed up and archived at your convenience.

Our system can also produce reports for insurance companies to determine the fault of the accident using driver behaviour analysis leading up to the accident. This includes the full journey, speed and uploaded photos from the incident.


Our system supports different types of geofence parameters of any shape or size. An alert will be triggered when a vehicle arrives or departs the geofence parameters set.


The installation is a simple process, no wires or connectivity is required, a simple plug and play device. There is also assistance provided on the app where to install the device making it a hassle free process.

Add on Services and API’s

We can provide a customised API service for your company if required to integrate our software to your existing platform.

We can integrate a CRM system and accountancy software to our portal so that you can streamline not only internal staff but your customers and accountancy filing all in one place.

Carbon emission calculator and offsetting

Automatically calculate your carbon emissions in real time with our CO2 calculator. Your vehicle’s carbon emission footprint will be instant so you can capture how your vehicle’s journey impacts the environment. And most importantly you can offset the emissions via our portal immediately, creating a net carbon zero journey.

Carbon Low Emission Zones
Council authorities and government agencies can calculate carbon emission zones and tax appropriately helping to contribute to fight against climate change.
Driver Authentication

Our future upgrade will allow drivers to authenticate themselves so you know exactly who is driving which vehicle and at what time.

Parked Car Locator

Our future upgrade will allow you to find the location of your parked vehicle including which level the vehicle is located at, as often all the levels look similar. The app will guide you to the correct location of the vehicle irrespective of the floor level.

Clean Air Zones

Council authorities and government agencies can calculate the exact amount of carbon emitted in their selected zones and tax drivers appropriately. This will help to contribute to the fight against climate change more efficiently and reduce your admin cost of making late payments and fines.

Vehicle Theft & Key Cloning

Our innovative technology provides you the most effective solution in protecting your vehicle in the event of theft or key cloning. Your vehicle will be fully trackable in real time and will also have the technology to remotely cut off your engine making theft and key cloning nearly impossible.

Vehicle Clone Protection

This unique service will protect you from the cost and stress of dealing with any unlawfully issued parking tickets and speeding fines or crimes committed by others impersonating your vehicle. Our services will be directly linked with the authorities and will invalidate any offences that were not committed by you.

Remote Door Locking

Our future upgrade will allow you to remotely unlock and lock your door at ease. Allowing better control over your vehicle access remotely and ensuring peace of mind when in doubt of locking your vehicle as well as informing you if the vehicle is locked when you are not present.

Fuel Comparisons

Our future upgrade will allow you to compare fuel prices at your local petrol stations helping you to save money as you can review the cheapest fuel in your area.

Fuel Consumption

We can instantly calculate your fuel consumption in real time so that you are fully aware of the efficiency of your vehicle and fuel levels. Using our unique Ai technology you can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 40%.

Vehicle Digital Portal

It doesn’t matter where you are, you can manage your vehicles via our online portal, allowing you to check your fuel levels and usage, speed and mileage amongst other features at a click of a button.

Traffic Updates and Speed Camera

Our one-stop solution service allows you to use our app to get traffic updates and speed camera alerts.

Asset Tracking

We can track your asset so that you exactly where it is.

AI Technology

AI technology is incorporated within our software making your company’s processes more productive. Predicted and recognised journeys will be set automatically where you can even optimise a journey based on lower fuel or C02, boosting your companies efficiency rate.

Fuel Fraud Detection

Fuel fraud can be very costly, our technology will allow you to track and trace each employee or vehicle and exactly how much fuel and mileage has been consumed by each one. Allowing you to manage your fleet vehicles effectively and correctly reimburse your staff’s fuel expenses automatically.

Fuel Delivery in UAE

Our future upgrade in the UAE will allow you to have fuel delivered to you at your convenience so that you are never stranded without enough fuel. Our system will also advise you if you do not have enough fuel to complete your scheduled journey in advance and at what stage you will require fuel.

Voice Command Search Toolbar

We are increasingly becoming dependent on voice searches, and this solution is even more important to drivers. Our future upgrade will allow a voice command service on the app making it safer for drivers to search for necessary information on the app whilst driving.

Comparison Service

Our future upgrade will allow you to compare insurance garages, repair and maintenance quotes and will send you MOT reminders so that you can increase productivity and plan more efficiently at reduced costs.

Remote Engine Cut Off

Our future upgrade will allow you to remotely cut off your engine, so in an instance of theft you can be in control and stop your vehicle in its tracks.
We can also inform authorities of the pinpoint location of your vehicle for recovery. Moreover our technology can also set scheduled immobilised times that your vehicle cannot start out of, for example non working hours.


Repair job quotes will be sent to all local mechanics based on what is detected as a fault with your vehicle. This will allow you to determine the most convenient time slots and work required.
You will have full control of your vehicle as all mechanics will be rated by other users, to give you more confidence that your vehicle is taken care of.

Parental Control

This service allows parents to oversee their children’s vehicle usage more efficiently, by setting alerts. If the vehicle goes out of a certain area or if the vehicle is started out of an unauthorised or agreed time, you will receive a notification on your smart device. Monitoring the child’s driver behaviour will not only reduce their insurance premium by upto 40% but will also give you peace of mind that they are driving safely and sensibly. The built- in SOS feature will also alert you and the emergency services in real-time, in case your child is involved in an unfortunate driving incident.

Camera and Real Time Footage

Our future upgrade of camera installation will allow you to have real time footage of your vehicle and its routes. And if any instances do occur you will have instant proof of location, date and time of the incident in question.

Environmental Achievement Certificate

We can issue a carbon reduction achievement certificate to certify how you have helped reduce carbon emissions in your journey. This will not only be a personal achievement but an essential documentation required as part of your corporate social responsibility and Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

Tachograph Integration

Our future upgrade will provide tachograph integration. Saving you time and money in allocating staff to prepare the required monthly reports as you will have the correct information in the required format in real time ready to print and send out upon request.

Vehicle Rental Support

Our innovative system allows you to specify the number of days each vehicle is rented out. Along with allowing you to set a daily mileage allowance which will alert you once it has been exceeded. This allows you to charge the client an agreed rate, per extra mile the vehicle has been used. Our system will automatically calculate this allowing an efficient billing procedure for your company. The system will also alert you if the client has driven out of the agreed areas. You can also control access to your vehicle, by our remote lock and unlock feature. This allows a non-contact, safe and efficient process for yourself and the client. The keys for the vehicle can be left in a safe undisclosed place in the car, and the client can be informed where it is prior to starting the engine.

Fuel Theft

When the vehicle is parked up and if anyone attempts to syphon or steal the fuel, an alert will be sent in real time to the manager, driver and the relevant authorities with a location of the vehicle. Also the vehicle horn and lights will be activated to deter the criminals and notify the driver of what is happening.

Stock Theft Alert

The system will alert the manager, driver and authorities if any stock is removed from the vehicle at any non-authorised destination.  Additional cameras can support and provide evidence of the offence in real time.

Illegal Migrant Alert

The system would alert the manager, driver and authorities if any illegal migrants have boarded the vehicle. Additional cameras can support and provide evidence of the offence in real time.

Stock Collections

Alerts can be sent to the manager if any unauthorised stock is collected from any locations not on the planned routes. This stops any unauthorised work to occur, for example narcotics.

AI Vehicle Checking Manager

Driver checks will be carried out via the VMS App, and each check will be verified via the app through a live photo upload which will be verified by GPS location, time and location of the picture taken.

The software will alert the manager, driver or authorities if the checks have been violated and are not of a road worthy standard. Further to this it can inform authorities of any faults identified through DTC fault codes. In the event that the driver continues to drive without completing checks or knowing the vehicle is not road worthy, the manager can override the system before the vehicle is mobilised.

Real Time Refrigeration Alerts

Refrigerated units will send a notification if any compartment has increased or dropped in temperature or has been turned off in transit. Providing undamaged goods to customers. We will allow you to click a button, press and send the information to the customer who can also view live data.

We can offer an alert to be sent to the driver and manager instantly if any changes in temperature is registered whilst in transit. Depending on the make and model, we can give you DTC’s to diagnose the malfunction of the refrigerator compartment and give you details on a local mechanic that can fix the issue.

Traffic Violation Authentication

We can identify which driver is responsible for the traffic violation, so the appropriate action can be taken on the respected individual by informing the authorities, company and/or driver.


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