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Offset CO2 Emissions

Unplug Detection

Unauthorised Start Detection

Towing Detection

Over Speeding Detection

Sharp Turn Detection

Excessive Idling Detection

Harsh Braking Detection

Harsh Acceleration Detection

Breaching Geofencing Detection

Crash Detection


Out of the box solution for top-10 industries
Its way ahead, what you call ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’

Insurance Companies

Accurately analyse and manage risk to provide a quote according to your customer’s driving behaviour whilst reducing your administration time.

Venture Capitalists

iVMS can support you in meeting ESG targets for your investment portfolios with certification.

Car Sales Dealers

Increase your revenue stream and database for sales by reselling iVMS products.

Vehicle Leasing/Rental Companies

Track, identify and manage your vehicle including any fines or tickets received during the leasing of the vehicle, leading to better visibility into fuel costs and remote inspections.

Fleet Logistics

Streamline operations to keep vehicles on the road preventing vehicle downtime, reducing fuel costs and carbon emissions via Ai route optimisation.


Assist your clients in meeting their carbon targets, reducing expenses and improving efficiency without major capital expenditure.


Control your clients motoring needs with real time diagnostics of vehicles whilst increasing your revenue stream by reselling iVMS products.

Finance Companies and Brokers

Accurately analyse the risk and manage proposals and companies accordingly whilst increasing your revenue stream with referral of clients to iVMS.

Council & Government Departments

Capture all your data in one place to improve efficiency and support planning whilst instantly turning your fleet into net carbon neutral.

Environmental Corporates

Track and monitor carbon emissions of all your company’s journeys whilst becoming net carbon neutral in real time.

Vehicle Clone Protection

Protect your vehicle with iVMS, our innovative technology provides the most effective solution to protecting your vehicle in the event of theft and vehicle cloning.

Driver Behaviour and Analysis

Gain valuable insights into driving behaviour and vehicle usage patterns via app, email, web portal or a format convenient to you.

Vehicle Health Detection

Whether you are a fleet vehicle company or a single driver, you can take control of what is wrong with your car and what needs to be resolved.

Vehicle Tracking

Know your vehicle's tracking history with our pinpoint GPS service.

Vehicle Digital Portal

No matter where you are, you can manage your vehicle via our online portal.  In a click of a button, you can check your fuel & CO2 consumption, real time driver report & analysis, driver offences and much more!

Vehicle Reporting

Customised real time vehicle reports in an instant.



Track & Identify




Neutralise to Zero

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What professionals say about us?

This has proved to be my one stop solution for all me fleet vehicle needs.
Chris Hodgson


iVMS has allowed me to save fuel and insurance premiums.

Muhammad Shabbir

FR Immobilien

This device solved all my fleet problems, now I use one platform that has everything.

Jenny Smith

Our company wanted to reduce carbon emissions but we couldn’t afford to change our entire fleet to electric.  iVMS allowed us an instant solution on offsetting our emissions and protecting the plant with no costly overhaul.

Mario Rodriguez

Our company used to receive multiple parking fines, and we could never track which driver it was.  Finally we are able to know which drivers are causing us issues and can reduce our parking fines accordingly.

Muhammad Hussain

Amazing! We are now accurately monitoring and reducing our fuel due to the fuel reduction module.  Every penny counts and during high fuel prices we have to make a litre go an extra mile.

Jayte Patel


Your views are really important to us!


October 12, 2022

I got this for my elderly parents, I wanted to monitor their driving. The reports are great, need some work which I’ve submitted via the suggestion section.

It gives me great peace of mind to know my mum and dad are actually good rivers but also I can check where they are in real time.

Jack Dongraded

Plug and play

October 12, 2022

I’m trying to save money and have an old car and can’t afford to buy a new one any time soon. This product seemed like a quick fix, but it turned into a long term solution! You can find out everything that’s wrong with your car and are not going to be fooled by the mechanic now. I saved at least £200 on my garage trip after showing my mechanic what the app says I actually need and not all their mechanics random extras.

Jayti Patel

Go Green

October 12, 2022

During this current crisis I was finding it hard to get to work, do my errands and stay carbon neutral. An electric car is far to expensive for me and I was honestly stuck on what to do. Low and behold I found iVMS and now I can make all my journeys instant newt carbon neutral just via an app. I also have proof of this and get subsides planting tree though a gov scheme

Rita Jones

Is iVMS really different?

October 11, 2022

Before buying a fleet management & tracking solutions for my 400+ fleet of vehicles, I struggled a lot and checked available features of almost all well known tracking software out there but finally I preferred to choose iVMS. Because they are offering every thing at one place.


iVMS heading towards Health & Wellbeing

October 11, 2022

Make more informed decisions before and while driving:

The iVMS diabetic patch system automatically tracks your glucose levels day and night using a small sensor worn on the back of the upper arm and an iVMS app that alerts & lets you view your glucose levels at any time.

Unlike a blood glucose monitor, which only gives you a current glucose reading, iVMS diabetic patch shows additional insights into where your glucose level was, currently is and where it’s headed.


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