Did you know that drivers are expected to undertake around 19.6 million car trips to see friends and relatives leading up to Christmas Eve. The RAC has warned that the widespread train workers’ action on Christmas Eve will result in greater highway traffic that evening.

Motorists traveling for the holidays are competing for road space with commuters and regular drivers.  Overall traffic volumes are anticipated to be significantly higher, resulting in traffic bottlenecks in and around cities and at crucial pinch spots on important roadways.

Major delays are less likely, with a projected 3.6 million leisure automobile trips on Christmas Day alone, another 3.3 million on Boxing Day, and an additional 1.4 million travels on both days. However, because there won’t be any commuter traffic on the roads, total traffic volumes should be lower.

Although we are out of snowy weather, heavy traffic is a great cause for concern. Drivers must still make every effort to prevent their vehicles from failing, especially as much of the country will be either on strike or on holiday. Checking the oil and coolant when the engine is cold and ensuring the tyres have enough traction and are properly inflated are two easy steps that can reduce the likelihood of a major failure. It’s crucial to top off with a high-quality screen wash that offers protection far below zero degrees since gritted roads necessitate frequent windscreen clearing.

iVMS can be your pre Christmas gift that can save Christmas so you’re not stuck out in the cold! Learn how below:

1- Before starting your journey, open  your iVMS App – > check & opt for the shortest journey by either distance or by time.

2- iVMS will show you traffic jams prior to starting your journey and even during your journey.

3- Do not let the fuel tank level go below 60% for the whole Christmas week.

4- Make sure coolant levels do not go below MIN Level mark (on coolant bottle).

5- Air pressure on all tires should be according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Don’t forget, iVMS can save you money too making it the gift that keeps on giving, or should we say, saving!

-Fuel saving up to 40%

-Reduce CO2 Emissions up to 40%

-Accident Reductions up to 40%

-Reduce vehicle wear & tear up to 40%

-Reduction in dangerous driving up to 100%

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