iVMS provides a fully integrated system for your company so that you can keep an eye on your fleet. Contact us for a free consultation to maximise your business efficiency on inquiry@ivmsgroup.com

iVMS solutions for your company:

  • Keeps vehicles safe from theft and abuse with our tracking technology.
  • Customised reporting with your logo.
  • Monitor unauthorised usage of company vehicles.
  • Easily detect fuel fraud.
  • Real time reporting and analysis, so you know where your driver is at all times.
  • Generate movement, event, trip and utilisation reports.
  • Identify and manage drivers, licenses and certifications.
  • Monitor trips for improved productivity and analysis.
  • Manage carbon emissions and offsetting which can count towards your company’s social responsibility.
  • Detect which drivers are getting fined and keep a record of offence.
  • Reduction on insurance premiums.